Case Studies

Industrial Custom Products uses its extensive expertise in manufacturing to:

  • Recommend the most cost efficient manufacturing processes and materials to make your part or product
  • Work with product development groups to develop new products
  • Help customers solve tough product problems

The following are case studies by ICP QuickTurn manufacturing process where ICP has used its manufacturing knowledge to help customers.


A national department store chain needed a low cost solution to manually update 100's of in-store pricing signs and advertisements in an organized, time sensitive manner.

Vacuum Forming and Plastic Thermal Forming

ICP worked with a customer to make a product design more resistent to high temperatures.

Die Cutting

ICP used its expertise in die cutting to solve a gasket leakage problem. Contact us today to find out how ICP can help you solve your product problem.

Drape Forming

Two case studies where ICP helped meet tough delivery deadlines by using its quick-turn capability and manufacturing responsiveness.

CNC Plastics Routing

Resolved a material availability issue by developing a new supply source.

ICP is ISO 9001:2008 Registered and RoHS Compliant. ICP has the ability to perform PPAP, CPK, Firstarticles. This means your order is produced accurately and on-time.

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