The ICP Large Part Thermoforming Process
  1. Designer 3D/2D CAD design is downloaded to ICP and Requests a Quote
  2. ICP materials experts work with you to select the right material for your component
  3. ICP Manufacturing Professionals serve as a resource for you by discussing manufacturing process options and providing recommendations for reducing cost and difficulty
    • If a customer requests Manufacturability Feedback, our professionals can provide feedback on the most cost efficient process to manufacture a part
  4. If requested by the customer, ICP produces a prototype or sample for testing
  5. The customer tests the prototype for fit, form and function
  6. Adjustments, revisions and production of another prototype, if necessary
  7. Customer approves the final prototype and orders:  
    • Materials
    • Tooling, if necessary
    • Any Value Added Manufacturing Services
  8. The final production run begins
    • A flat sheet is heated for the specified time
    • The heated sheet is formed to the shape of the mold
    • Cooling takes place
    • The formed part is sent to our in-house trimming department
  9. Inspection
  10. Finished parts are delivered to customer