Large Part Thermoforming

Industrial Custom Products uses state of the art thermoforming and vacuum forming technologies to specialize in the development and production of OEM and custom large parts. Our large plastic part capabilities include the ability to thermoform and vacuum form heavy gauge plastic components that are up to eight feet by ten feet in size with forty inches of depth and .437 inches thick.

We produce large parts for the agricultural equipment, off-road vehicle, recreational vehicle, power sports, lawn and garden equipment and construction equipment industries including plastic roofs, canopies, shrouds, dunnage trays or returnable trays, tubs, trailers, lids, ice fishing sleds and covers.

ICP started producing award winning, high quality thermoformed plastic products and vacuum formed parts in 1975 and has manufactured high quality OEM and custom components since 1955.

The Proven ICP Quality Platform
The foundation of ICP is our absolute unyielding commitment to high quality work, low reject rates and on time delivery as evidenced by the numerous quality awards from working with some of the most successful companies in the world. Large part dimensions produce an amplification factor for any errors so quality and precision in production become even more important than with traditional sized parts.

Why use Thermoforming to Manufacture Large Plastic Parts
As a result of many advances in technology, the ICP Large Part Thermoforming Process can be a cost effective method for forming large plastic parts. Thermoforming has many advantages over injection molding for manufacturing large parts, including the capability to produce products that have an aesthetic, clean and professional look, significantly lower tooling costs, (thermoforming tooling costs can be a fraction of injection molding tooling costs, depending on the part and the materials), lower final production costs, shorter lead times for tooling and production and increased speed to market leading to faster product development and final production.

Can I Save Money by Thermoforming my Part?
Ask us if you can achieve a clean, professional look, reduce your manufacturing costs and increase speed to market by thermoforming your part rather than using injection molding. Just attach your design or drawing to your email.

Why Choose ICP to Thermoform Your Large Plastic Parts?
The advantages of working with ICP are:

  • Our years of experience with thermoforming allow us to produce products with a similar aesthetic and professional look to injection molded products and plastic products produced with other more expensive processes
  • The proven track record of the award winning ICP Quality Platform
  • ICP Product Development Services
  • ICP Large Part Prototyping
    • Our MAAC three station rotary thermoforming machine provides these capabilities:
    • The latest technology in a computerized control system saves time in set up and processes jobs fast and efficiently
    • The rotary technology provides cycle speeds up to twice the production speed of shuttle formers
    • The latest and hottest oven technology increases processing speed
  • The ICP QuickTools Program
  • ICP QuickTurn Manufacturing is available upon request
  • In house finishing and trimming

ICP is ISO 9001:2008 Registered and RoHS Compliant. ICP has the ability to perform PPAP, CPK, Firstarticles. This means your order is produced accurately and on-time.

See ICP Expertise and Experience in Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming:

Send us an email or call us to speak to a live person to ask questions or discuss your specific application and how we may be able to help you.

If you are not ready to Request a Quote at this time, we can serve you in many other ways:

ICP serves the following markets for vacuum thermoforming large parts and products:

  • OEM manufacturers in the following industries:
    • Agricultural equipment and machinery
    • Off-road vehicles
    • Recreational vehicles and power sports equipment
    • Lawn and garden equipment
    • Construction equipment
  • After market large plastic parts

ICP’s innovative Materials Center offers leading edge materials options for thermoformed parts and vacuum formed components, including selecting color, strength, thickness and finish. When selecting materials, choose from ABS, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylic, TPO, PETG, conductive materials, co-extruded materials, flame retardant materials and more. Ask one of our Materials Experts about materials options for your design.

Examples of Large Thermoformed Plastic Parts
Since 1955, we have been successfully producing OEM and custom thermoformed parts cost efficiently, including the following products and applications:

  • Plastic roofs
  • UTV roofs
  • Shrouds
  • Dunnage trays or returnable trays
  • Tubs
  • Lids
  • Ground effects
  • Cab interiors
  • RV components
  • Heavy duty equipment covers

You can also see examples of Large Thermoformed and Vacuum Formed Products by Market Segment.

As a vacuum forming company, ICP houses the latest manufacturing technologies to produce large plastic parts:

  • A MAAC three station rotary thermoforming machine with the capability to form parts up to eight feet by ten feet in size with forty inches of depth and .437 inches thick
  • 51’ by 109’ Double End Shuttle Former

High Quality Tooling
ICP offers a broad range of tooling options to meet your need and budget, including the ICP QuickTools Program.

Trimming for Large Plastic Parts on Site
The ICP portfolio of nine manufacturing processes all work together and include different processes for trimming large parts, depending on the complexity of the part, including CNC Plastics Routing, Die Cutting, Dieless Knife Cutting and hand trimming. Drilling, finishing and assembly are also offered.

ICP Value Added Manufacturing Services

  • Just In-Time Delivery Scheduling 
  • Kanban
  • QuickTurn Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Kitting
  • Laminating
  • Hot stamping
  • Application of psa to materials
  • Special packaging
  • Sonic welding
  • Label placement
  • Transfer your Tooling Program
  • Problem Part Free Evaluation