ICP Product Development Services

ICP Product Development Services support designers and engineers early in your process of development of new products to help you meet your “speed to market” objectives.

ICP Designer Interface
Designer 3D/2D CAD design is downloaded to ICP.

Design and Engineering Support
Upon your request, our professionals will provide design and engineering support and feedback for you.

Materials Options and Selection
ICP materials experts work with you to select the right material for your component. Our team has an in depth knowledge of materials, an understanding of their properties and how they interact, and years of experience with specific types of materials over the useful life of different types of parts. Knowledge of cutting edge new developments in materials.

ICP Manufacturability Feedback
Our Manufacturing Professionals work with you to discuss manufacturing process options and provide feedback on what changes can be made to produce the most cost effective part. ICP professionals serve as a resource for you by providing recommendations for reducing cost and difficulty.

Manufacturing Process Selection
ICP professionals work with you to understand your manufacturing process options and select a cost efficient process to manufacture your design.

Rapid Prototyping and Samples
Prototyping and Samples... helps designers, engineers, and new product development teams test parts before final production and move quickly from design and prototyping to production quantities to achieve “speed to market “objectives.

  • Explore multiple concepts quickly
  • Shorten your product design and development process
  • Reduce overall design cycle time

ICP QuickTools Program
If you have a job that can’t wait for regular tooling time frames, ask about our QuickTools Program.

ICP Product Development Process
ICP Product Development Services can seamlessly move into full production to help you get your part or product to market quickly and cost efficiently. Our proven Product Development Process can work like this for you:

  • Designer 3D/2D CAD design is downloaded to ICP
  • Materials options are discussed and materials are selected
  • Manufacturing process options are discussed and a cost efficient process is selected
  • ICP produces prototype or sample for testing
  • Customer tests prototype
  • Adjustments, revisions and production of another prototype, if necessary
  • Customer approval of prototype
  • Part production run begins
  • ICP Value Added Manufacturing Services, if any
  • Delivery to customer

ICP is ISO 9001:2008 Registered and RoHS Compliant. ICP has the ability to perform PPAP, CPK, Firstarticles. This means your order is produced accurately and on-time.

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