Benefits of the SingleSource

The growing demand for cost efficient manufacturing processes and materials recommendations and our family of QuickTurn Manufacturing processes have made ICP the SingleSource for custom parts and products.

ICP customers are consolidating vacuum forming, die cutting, drape forming, CNC machining, custom plastic fabrication and plastic sheet work with ICP to take advantage of ICP’s SingleSource capabilities.

For parts or products that require multiple processes, additional efficiencies are gained by fully utilizing the SingleSource capabilities while your part of product is in production at ICP.

Maximizing the potential of the SingleSource results in the following benefits:

1. Working together builds trust, familiarity and a long term partnership

2. High quality parts delivered on time the first time

3. A reduction in your number of vendors or vendor “handoff's”:

4. Reduced transportation costs

5. A thorough understanding of your needs and your business results in ease of communication

6. Streamlined and efficient company interface with less administrative burden