Thermoforming Case Studies

A national department store chain needed a low cost solution to manually update 100's of in-store pricing signs and advertisements in an organized, time sensitive manner.

ICP created a thermoformed Sign Management System to solve the problem. ICP developed this system so it would snap onto existing child shopping cart carriers already in the stores.

Employees wheel the mobile system throughout the store, following systemized store floor plans, to quickly remove old pricing signs and ads, store them, and replace them with the pricing and ads for the current week.

The Sign Management System has dozens of pockets to hold ads and price changes for the current week. Employee input uncovered a need to include an area for tools and a step stool to reach high shelving.

ICP not only created an effective solution, but saved money for the retailer by adapting an existing in-store child shopping cart carrier to make the new system mobile. Employees use the system for ad and price changes after-hours.

A high quality, cost effective manufactured solution delivered on time that solves the retailer's problem by organizing a difficult weekly task, fits seamlessly into the Retailers weekly process, saves time for employees and helps cut overtime costs at 1,089 locations in 49 states.

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