About Us

Industrial Custom Products
Since 1955, ICP has grown to become an award winning leader in prototyping, developing and manufacturing high quality OEM and custom thermoformed and vacuum formed plastic components, large part thermoforming, drape forming,  die cut and dieless knife cut parts made from flexible materials, CNC plastic routing, and custom fabricated plastic products.

ICP provides an efficient experience for customers to move quickly from product development and rapid prototyping to manufacturing production quantities.

ICP Product Development Services support designers and engineers early in the process of development of new products to help meet “speed to market” objectives:

  • Design and Engineering Support
    • Upon your request, our professionals will provide design and engineering support and feedback for you
  • Materials Options
    • ICP materials experts work with you to select the right material for your component
  • Manufacturability Feedback
    • Manufacturing Professionals work with you to discuss manufacturing process options and provide feedback on what changes can be made to produce the most cost effective part
    • ICP professionals serve as a resource for you by providing recommendations for reducing cost and difficulty
  • Rapid Prototyping and Samples ……helps designers, engineers, and new product development teams test parts before final production and move quickly from prototyping and testing to QuickTooling to production quantities.

The ICP family of nine QuickTurn Manufacturing Processes all work together at a single source. The dependability of the ICP Quality Platform saves you money by delivering high quality parts on time, with low reject rates while optimizing materials usage and continually looking for ways to reduce costs during production.

  • Plastic Forming
    • Innovative Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming
    • Large Part Thermoforming
    • Quality Drape Forming
  • Flexible Materials Fabrication
    • Dieless Knife Cutting
    • Precision Die Cutting
  • Plastic Fabrication
    • Custom Plastic Fabrication
    • CNC Plastics Routing
    • The Plastic Sheet Distribution Center