The Advantages of Thermoplastics

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Selecting the best material for your project is a tall order. The advantages of thermoplastics, however, can’t be ignored: flexibility, durability, aesthetics, and recyclability. The materials experts at Industrial Custom Products can help you find the plastic material that you need to create the designs you imagine, and thermoplastics could be just the catalyst your project needs to succeed.


Thermoplastics are, by definition, highly flexible. Parts are formed by heating thermoplastics until they’re pliable and then molding them into the desired shape. Especially with vacuum forming, thermoplastics can be formed into detailed, consistent, and complex parts. In addition, this precise forming can occur without sacrificing the strength or durability of the material—one of the unique advantages of thermoplastics.


Like many plastic materials, thermoplastics are lightweight and malleable, but an outstanding advantage of thermoplastics is impressive durability. Not only are they chemically resistant, stain resistant, and strong enough to replace some metal parts, but they’re also more customizable than many metal alternatives. Durability and customizable shaping are a difficult combination to find without sacrificing one or the other. Yet thermoplastics effectively fit this niche.


Thanks to the method of melting and forming, when colors are added to thermoplastics, the results are consistent and evenly distributed. This means that high volumes of products can be made with high precision, all while keeping the design consistent and colors static. Thermoplastics can easily achieve all of these goals and more, and are great for plastic material products that need to be made in various quantities and a wide arrange of sizes.


Thermoplastics are environmentally friendly in the fact that thermoplastics are recyclable. Plastic scrap from trimming thermoformed or vacuum formed parts can be ground up, melted, extruded, and formed into new parts again.  Not only does this assist with saving the environment, it also helps to save cost for our customers.

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