The Benefits of Drape-Forming Acrylics

Monday, May 18, 2020

Acrylics are a great thermoplastic option thanks to their versatility, specifically in hard-to-achieve areas such as clarity and color. Commonly referred to as “plexiglass,” acrylics live up to their moniker by being some of the few plastic materials that can be used as a stand-in for glass with the added benefits of being lighter, and in many cases, much sturdier. And since acrylics also fall into the thermoplastic category, they can be heated and molded into many different types of shapes, including in some cases, drape formed.

Drape-forming acrylics is possible thanks to a combination of heat and a mold over which the thermoplastics are “draped.” Drape forming is an excellent way to manufacture products that need to maintain consistent thickness, are optically clear, or achieve large-scale shapes and curves while keeping costs low. Though drape-forming acrylics is possible for many different applications, they’re particularly impressive when done with large panels. This can mean quickly creating a curved, clear display window for your business or a thick plexiglass shield for your design.

Along with the flexibility that drape-forming provides, it also saves money, especially for projects of low volume. The tooling process involved in drape forming is much simpler than tooling for typical thermoforming/ vacuum forming applications. A single panel being heated and laid over a drape-forming mold can be a quick and easy way to produce high-quality consistent components without breaking your budget.

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