The Benefits of Thermoplastics in the Medical Industry

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Plastic parts for the medical industry need to be clean, functional, and in no way interfere with the medical care being provided. At Industrial Custom Products, all these outcomes are produced while still allowing attractive design and aesthetics. If you want sleek designs and cutting-edge materials, we have what you need in KYDEX® thermoplastics and all our medical grade plastic options.


Thanks to advances in thermoplastics, medical grade plastics are more versatile than ever before. They can be sterile and risk-free to use in medical settings while still allowing for design options that make spaces feel safe, welcoming, and professional. MRI, CAT, and other imaging tools can be designed to be kid-friendly or reassuring in appearance with some simple design choices. With KYDEX thermoplastics and Industrial Custom Products expertise, all of those designs are made possible.


Wear-resistant, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, and easy to clean, KYDEX thermoplastics are perfectly suited for high-intensity settings. Plus, whereas some medical grade plastics and alternative materials fade or become brittle over time, our modern thermoplastic options retain their new look far longer than other materials.


Utilizing KYDEX products means durability, design flexibility, and affordability. With high performing and versatile design options you can select anything from sleek pearlescent surfaces to homey wood grain designs. These options allow medical grade plastics to be used for machinery housings, patient beds, carts, desks, and more. We understand that sterility doesn’t have to appear bland or cold, and our goal at Industrial Custom Products is to offer options that satisfy your professional needs and personal design concepts.


At Industrial Custom Products we source reliable medical grade plastics that will make your product friendly and functional. Contact us today at (612) 781-2255 to learn how our expertise in the medical device market can work for you, or request a quote today for your project.