Die Cutting & CNC Routing – ICP Has Multiple Manufacturing Capabilities Covered

Sunday, April 11, 2021

When it comes to plastic production, cutting, routing, and shaping tools come in many forms. Understanding how to best utilize the tools available to you can help you streamline the production process and result in you exceeding your expectations every time. At Industrial Custom Products, we offer options from die cutting to 3-axis CNC routing and beyond. When you aren’t sure which process to select or where to begin with your production project, we’re here to help.

die cut pieces



Die Cutting
Die cutting is a process that works well for high-volume and flexible material items. Your product can be cut consistently and in high quantities with this option, and perhaps most importantly, die cutting works extremely quickly. This means that if you’re aiming to get an item to market fast, this form of cutting may be just what you need. Die cutting is particularly well suited to soft materials such as foam and rubber as well as firmer options, including cork and plastics. ICP has the ability to die cut plastics up to .187” thick when many other companies would have to use slower processing techniques that drive us cost.

3-Axis CNC Routing
Best suited to flat, two-dimensional parts, the 3-Axis CNC routing process uses computer commands to precisely cut shapes and designs. Unlike die cutting, 3-axis CNC routing is powerful enough to precisely cut plastics thicker than .187 as well firmer plastics such as Acrylic and Polycarbonate, and 3-axis CNC routing is a great choice for panels, sheets, cases, and other designs that need a careful touch.

How to Choose?
If you’re still not sure which option to choose, even after familiarizing yourself with the specifics of multiple production methods, our experts can help guide you through the process and select the best tools for the job. In order to save you time and money, our professionals help you visualize the pros and cons of production methods as well as suitable materials.

If you’re a product designer or project manager looking for the best process to match your vision, our die cutting and 3-axis CNC routing may be exactly what you need to succeed. Contact Industrial Custom Products today for more information on our plastic production options and project support today. Call us at (612) 781-2255 or visit our website here for more information.