Plastic Fabrication Services for Every Stage of Production

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Plastic production is a highly flexible process. Plastics can be twisted, melted, bonded, flattened, and just about everything else in between in order to create products that satisfy every consumer’s need. Thanks to the endless forms that plastic can take, plastic fabrication can result in highly individualized final products. At Industrial Custom Products, our plastic fabrication services cater precisely to your production needs and specifications to create ready-for-market results that you can rely on.


Utilizing the newest technologies available, our plastic production professionals bring your products to life. This includes simple component production as well as unique and complex plastic fabrication that suits your highly specialized product needs. If you can design it, our plastics experts can fabricate it. But our fabrication services don’t stop at initial production. We support your product at every stage of the fabrication and assembly process.


Following your initial plastic fabrication, our team provides further and even complete assembly for your plastic parts. This may entail additional bonding, hardware installations, assembly of die cut components, and more. Combining our flexible fabrication with our in-house assembly means that your product is market ready faster and with a minimal amount of interruptions.


With this one-stop shopping methodology, our plastic fabrication process simplifies and accelerates your transition to a market-ready product by cutting out extraneous transport and follow-up labor. When it comes to plastic production, speed and efficiency are necessary for cultivating market success. Our plastic fabrication services expedite your production and cut time as well as cut costs so your product can reach its destination rapidly and ready for use.


If your design could benefit from comprehensive plastic fabrication services, Industrial Custom Products is here to help. Project managers and product planners can contact us today for information about our plastic production resources. Call us at (612) 781-2255 or contact us directly online for more information.