How Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Bring Sleek Product Designs to Life

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Plastics come in a variety of forms in the modern world, and each form comes with its own strengths, weaknesses, and specialty uses. However, a plastic material isn’t viable for manufacturing unless it can be efficiently fabricated into a complete part—and that’s traditionally difficult for low surface energy plastics. Why? Because of their chemical makeup, low surface energy plastics (like TPO, PE, or PP) resist adhesive bonding. That means additional steps are required to attach these materials to other surfaces.

However, thanks to innovations in plastics and adhesives, design possibilities with low surface energy plastics are now broader than ever. With pressure sensitive adhesives, Industrial Custom Products can help you design and manufacture plastic parts more efficiently than ever.

Combining low surface energy plastics and pressure sensitive adhesives is a great way to maximize design efficiency. Low surface energy plastics keep costs low while providing impressive levels of design flexibility. This is possible thanks to the unobtrusive nature of peel-and-stick-style adhesives that allow a design to stand out without protruding ridges or visible screws. For designers and engineers interested in sleek, cohesive, final looks, this plastic-adhesive combo may be exactly what you need.

Many older forms of materials adherence required clips, screws, or adhesives that would fade over time or lack strength. Physical forms of adherence also created pressure points that could lead to failure with repeated use. Pressure sensitive adhesives are effective because they’re simple to apply, can be peeled and stuck wherever you need them, and apply stress equally across a surface. Plus, they don’t include solvents that are comprised of noxious and hazardous chemicals.


Despite not utilizing over-powering chemicals, modern pressure sensitive adhesives are still impressively powerful. This is thanks to a combination of equal surface adhesive application paired with adhesive materials that retain their flow and effectiveness over time. Whereas some adhesives fade, become brittle, or wipe away, pressure sensitive adhesives stay steady.


With pressure sensitive adhesives, you can use lightweight plastics, produce sleek parts, and avoid wasting manufacturing time on clamping or cure times. That’s real innovation. Interested? Learn more about the latest materials innovations from the materials experts at Industrial Custom Products. Contact our plastics experts, call us at (612) 781-2255, or request a quote today.