Product Design Services with Design Assist Engineering

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

At Industrial Custom Products, we support your product development process by prioritizing efficient engineering. With our design-assist engineering services you can rest assured that your final product will perfectly support the needs of your clients, designers, and engineers. By streamlining your material selection, our design assist engineering experts can guide you towards final manufacturing and market release.

Design Consultations

Our design-assist engineering professionals not only offer design feedback to your engineers, they also assist with material selection and efficiency evaluations to ensure that the output you’re envisioning is suitable to your needs. This prevents wasted resources on unsuitable or unsustainable designs and helps trim ideas to their most manufacturable form. With the expert input of our professionals, you can take a step closer to market release.

Efficient Material Selection

Material selection impacts ease of manufacturing, costs, assembly, and use. Our materials experts help you select the materials that best suit your project goals. Our team members look at the properties inherent in each material and apply years of experience and practical knowledge prior to making our proposals. Whether you’re trying to simplify parts or cut expenses with low-cost options, our recommendations are catered to each individual design.

Manufacturing and Tooling

Following material selection, our product design services ensure that you’re prepared to begin the manufacturing process and finalize all the necessary tooling. Our process gets your product to market faster and with high-quality results. Industrial Custom Products product development experts ensure reliable product outputs that allow you to consistently meet your market goals and stay on schedule. With state-of-the-art technology, design assist engineering, and seasoned professionals on your side, manufacturing your unique designs couldn’t be simpler.


For designers, project managers, and engineers looking for efficient product design services and design assist engineering, Industrial Custom Product provides the in-depth support you need. If you’re looking for product development assistance, call us at (612) 781-2255 or request a quote online today. From pre-production to market release, our expertise is at your disposal.