Product Development and Assembly Services that can Streamline your Plastics Manufacturing

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The old adage “time is money” rings true even in the realm of plastic manufacturing. Each and every production delay means money lost and opportunities missed. In order to stay relevant and maximize your product’s potential, Industrial Custom Products offers a variety of product development and assembly service options. Our product guidance helps to simplify the plastic production process and ensure your goods are released on time with exceptional quality, and within your budget.

Product Development

 A common setback in the product development process is struggling to select a material that satisfies all of the unique characteristics your product may need. From aesthetics to practical performance, the materials can make or break a product’s success. In order to minimize the time spent deliberating on material types, our product development support process includes material guidance and consultations. By offering in-depth comparisons and insight, we can narrow your selection pool and help you quickly settle on the perfect material.

Manufacturability Assessments

Once a material has been carefully paired with your design, our plastic product development experts then provide manufacturability assessments. Manufacturability is all about strategy and efficiency. With the right analysis, these assessments can guide the next stages of production and ensure a smooth live market transition. Our feedback includes ways to limit waste and decrease the time between pre-production and product release.

Assembly Services

And finally, if you’re aiming for consistent market success and consumer satisfaction without unexpected delays or setbacks, our comprehensive assembly services can help guide your products to the finish line faster. All of our assembly services strive to make Industrial Custom Products a one-stop-shop for every level of the manufacturing experience. For multi-component products, this means pre-market assembly that puts final products in consumer’s hands faster.

For plastic designers and project managers interested in high-speed and high-quality product development support, Industrial Custom Products is here to help. Contact us today at (612) 781-2255 or visit our website here for more information on our assembly services and product manufacturing options