The Power and Possibilities of Color in Thermoplastic Design

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Compared to other materials, plastics and thermoplastics specifically offer an incredible amount of design potential. Some materials are accompanied by an unchangeable color palette, muddled base colors, or an inability to maintain bright designs for long periods of time. The magic of plastic is that it transcends these design problems and offers even more advantages, and with thermoplastic design, the possibilities expand even further. With Industrial Custom Products expertise, you can fully harness the design potential of color-friendly thermoplastics.


Indeed, color and aesthetics are some of the key features of modern thermoplastics. From simple color selections to elaborate designs, thermoplastics shine where creativity thrives. At Industrial Custom Products, we understand that color and design needs vary based on current stylistic trends, cultural and global popularity, and what type of messaging you’re hoping to convey. With thermoplastic design, you can color-match to previous designs or create something entirely new.


Beyond being able to handle any color pallet you can picture, thermoplastics also allow the creation of unique and visually interesting textures. This permits previously one-dimensional thermoplastic designs to really pop and show off what they’re made of, and most important, makes an impact on client senses. Thanks to the moldable makeup of modern thermoplastics, you can easily turn an idea for an impactful surface effect into a reality.


But flexible design isn’t just a wide variety of colors and choices, it’s also an array of shapes, sizes, and unique characteristics that other materials simply can’t handle with the precision of a molded plastic. Combining the variety of colors and textures available at your fingertips with the sheer flexibility of thermoplastic design can result in projects and parts that catch the eye and get the job done.


For plastic design projects that need unique parts and a distinct design, thermoplastics are ideal for you. Engineers, project managers, and designers can call Industrial Custom Products at (612) 781-2255 or send us your designs and questions today.