Exploring Thermoplastic Textures for Your Thermoformed Parts

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Thermoplastic textures can range from purely aesthetic to highly functional. Depending on the goals of your project, you can create thermoformed plastics that are high gloss, abrasion resistant, or colored to your exact specifications. For project managers and designers hoping to incorporate texture into their thermoplastic designs, Industrial Custom Products can help.


Textures are applied to thermoformed plastics in different ways depending on the production method selected. Extruded sheets, for instance, have the texture pre-applied before the shaping and cutting process. However, this doesn’t mean that extruded sheets are lacking in texture options as they can easily support Haircell, Matte, Smooth, Calf, Levant, and more thermoplastic textures. Depending on the texture you select, you may be opting for a design that allows color to pop or is mar-resistant and highly scratch proof.


However, when it comes to pressure forming, the available thermoplastic textures are a little different. Pressure forming allows a texture to be etched via a carefully matched tool. This means that a large variety of choices are at your fingertips, including textures that are matched to previous designs and parts. For projects that need that special touch, this type of thermoplastic texturing can lend character as well as a practical, long-lasting dynamic surface design.


If you’re struggling to find the texture that’s just right or you’re not sure which production method suits your needs, our materials experts can help. Utilizing examples, specialist recommendations, and precise texture matching, we can help you select the ideal texture for your project needs. Our wide breadth of texture knowledge can be applied to extruded sheets as well as pressure formed parts. In fact, if you need to match your texture to other already-made parts, we can produce the tools necessary to keep your design textures consistent.


For thermoformed plastic projects that need to incorporate high-quality textures, Industrial Custom Products has the tools and knowledge you need in order to turn your concepts into reality. Contact us for texture matching or other materials assistance today! Call at (612) 781-2255 or request a quote online for more information.