How Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming Introduce Flexibility into Your Production

Friday, November 22, 2019

Producing plastic parts in the modern age seems to get a little more sci-fi every day, and here at Industrial Custom Products, we’re excited to be a part of leading vacuum forming and thermoforming technologies. For designers, innovators, and product managers looking for custom plastic parts, our state-of-the-art technologies have the customized tools you need to succeed.

Despite sounding like they popped out of a 1980s space thriller, the mechanics of thermoforming and vacuum forming are surprisingly simple. Utilizing highly regulated temperatures, plastics are heated and formed to the shape you desire. This process of thermoforming is perfect for projects with large parts or low volume quantities. By adding vacuum to the thermoforming process, the consistency and quality of the part increases dramatically. The vacuum sucks the plastic down onto the mold to provide better detail, more consistent thickness, and faster processing. If you have a part designed, give us a shout and we will help you out!

Our modern thermoforming and vacuum forming technologies are impressively versatile. With the ability to construct and model parts from UTV skid plates to medical enclosures, the possibilities are practically endless; and that includes oversized items as well. With large part thermoforming, we can manage items up to 10 feet long and 40 inches deep. With that range, you can create all of the plastic goods you can imagine.

Here at Industrial Custom Products, we utilize computer-based heat technology that ensures consistent quality and speed of production. We understand that consistency is just as vital as overall product appearance and accuracy. Luckily, we cater to all three. Our fast and consistent productions can cover all the sizes you need and whatever quantity you desire when you need it.

Also, our design process is as flexible as our plastics. If you have an idea for vacuum molding, but you’re not sure if it’s viable, our thermoforming experts can review your design and help you test your ideas. Contact Industrial Custom Products today for more information on our thermoforming options. Call us at (612) 781-2255 or request a quote today!