Precision Die Cut Services

Industrial Custom Products has over 65 years of experience in die cutting plastics and a wide range of other non-metallic materials.

Industrial Custom Products has over 65 years of experience in die cutting plastics and a wide range of flexible materials. Since 1955, we’ve worked with OEMs and other customers to provide high-quality custom products including gaskets, seals, adhesives, and many other die cut parts. Our team of expert engineers and technicians provide the quality service and industry advice that helps customers of all sizes reduce costs, streamline the assembly process, have access to a reliable long-term design, optimize materials, and increase production speed. ICP houses a design/build facility with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery along with a staff skilled in prototyping, manufacturing, finishing, testing, and packaging. For high quality die cut parts, you can trust ICP to deliver exactly what you need when you need it.


Industrial Custom Products has over 65 years of experience in die cutting plastics and a wide range of other non-metallic materials.

ICP is ISO 9001:2015 certified and we are a 3M Select Converter company. Not only do we practice high standards for precision with all of our available production services, but we also meet strict industrial qualities and save our customers material costs with our purchasing power.

Our die cut service in particular caters to customers in a wide range of industries of all shapes and sizes. We specialize in innovative solutions that address client specifications and challenges unique to many different assembly operations. For components that will be installed in any assembly, our custom die cutting delivers precision and provides an effective answer to many production complications.

With any product made by our talented engineers here at ICP, quality results start with the prototyping and design process.


ICP’s ability to solve our customers’ challenges and meet exact specifications with our wide range of die cutting machines starts with a foundational design. Our design recommendations will ensure a part is and cost effective. Additionally, our engineers have a long history of materials sourcing and diagnostics experience, and ICP offers key recommendations to minimize the amount of scrap and costs for our customers.

Our team is here to provide custom solutions to our customers in the following areas:

part results that offer long-term reliability

part designs that can be fabricated with die cutting, dieless knife cutting, and other methods that are not costly or overly complex

part designs that can utilize the most cost-effective materials without compromising quality of the component

designs that fit into the assembly unique to each customer

parts that can maintain integrity in the face of specific challenges such as heat, dust, debris, sound, moisture, UV, chemical, and vibration exposure

recommendations for best packaging methods for fast and safe delivery

part additions that will combat exposure to those challenges when a component is too delicate to protect itself or must be made of a specific material that will need protection

components that can be easily integrated into an assembly without the need for rare or specialty tools, adhesives, or processes

component designs that can be made with lowest cost materials that are the easiest to source while retaining a high standard of durability and function

designs that take into account a preventive or predictive maintenance schedule

Overall, our design recommendations will determine the tailored fabrication process we implement for each customer. When our customers use ICP’s recommendations to create a part design, they are relying on over 65 years of experience in custom manufacturing.

We’ve worked with a wide range of diverse customers, from Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops, fabricating assemblies for many different industries. Clients can count on our knowledge, skilled team, materials research and market knowledge, production technologies, and continued communication from start to finish of any project to guarantee part results will be exactly what they need.


ICP works with a broad variety of flexible and non-metallic materials for our precision die cutting. From high-temperature resistant materials plastics to foam, plastics, textiles, and adhesives, our state-of-the-art equipment handles almost all industrial materials that fit customer needs. Our experience with so many different resources helps us save clients’ money right out of the gate whenever a project is started. We can determine which materials will be the least expensive but most effective for any part and will optimize the yield based on the part to assist in minimizing scrap and keeping costs low.

Whenever we recommend a material during the design process, our engineers will fully investigate what a part function will be. What a component will be used for will guide our engineers in selecting the best material for the application.

ICP materials recommendations are based on the following specifications:

1Function of the part

2Environmental conditions

3Durability and flexibility requirements

4Installation method

5Longevity requirements

6Packaging methods

7Production volume requirements

8Production schedule requirements

9Customer budget

The answers to these questions will give our design team the information they need to determine the ideal material to fabricate a part that will fit customer needs. Not only can our engineers pinpoint exactly the right material to use for a specific application, ICP can also eliminate unnecessary costs for customers who may already be using overly expensive materials in their production process.

The materials we work with for our die cutting services include the following and more:

Foams (Open & Close Cell)

Rubber and its Byproducts



Plastics and Ploymers

Cloth and fabric





Filtration Materials


Fiber Gasket Materials






And MOre

ICP is highly involved in quality material sourcing including market research, supply chain, and sustainable distributors. We source only the best for all the materials we work with while continuing to explore new materials to propose alternative solutions and assist in educating our customers on the latest technologies.

With the materials we source and process through our die cut service, ICP has manufactured a large number of standardized and custom die-cut product applications. Our long history fabricating many different designs has helped us become an industry leading supplier of a significant range of components for a variety of industries. Some examples of the parts we currently manufacture in custom designs for many clients include the following and more:

All types of non-metallic gaskets, including engine and housing gaskets
Protective packaging
Touch screens
Filtration products
Point of purchase displays and signage
Skid plates
Heat dissipative products
Heat foils
Protective covers
Dampeners for noise and vibration


Choosing the best materials for a part design is critical for fabricating, packing, and installing any volume of components into the final assembly. ICP’s extensive experience and knowledge of the materials we work with are part of what makes many of our clients return customers.


With the right design files ready to go into our production system and best materials sourced for the manufacturing process, the ICP team can utilize our advanced die cutting technologies to fabricate final components. Our production floor technologies are a large part of why ICP has such a low Parts Per Million (PPM) rejection rate. Even with some of our largest volume clients, ICP’s PPM rejection rate is as low as 2 PPM per 2 million parts fabricated.

Our facilities house equipment for every part of our die cutting processes, from dieless knife cutting tables to secondary picking operations for slug removal. ICP’s precision die cutting procedures manufacture in various sizes, including complex multi-faceted parts. We die cut plastics up to 3/16” in thickness and as large as 52” x 82”. We also offer cost effective tooling with steel rule dies have the ability to use forged and match-metal tooling for more durable materials and tighter tolerances.

ICP’s engineers address potential issues that might arise with exposure to stresses with application. This includes heat mitigation issues, exposure to moisture, vibration or sound saturation, and more. With an effective design and the right material as a strong foundation, the fabrication process with our equipment is quick.

Thanks to our fabrication technologies, we are ISO registered up to the latest certifications, and we can perform PPAP, CPK, First Article inspections, and Gage R&R studies on all finished components. Our quality control inspection process ensures rapid, effective diagnostics that will get your products to the packaging stages of production on time.

Some of our efficient production floor technologies and equipment include:

ATOM Flash-Cut 30155 dieless knife cutting tables

Travel head presses

54” x 84” large tonnage press


High-speed Preco laser systems


In addition to these high-powered machines and capabilities, ICP is a 3M Select Converter. We can incorporate a range of adhesives and other 3M brand products into customers components, which helps ICP cut costs in production and improves the efficiency of the installation process.

Our large assortment of die cut technologies is made up of efficient machines controlled with precision-based software programming. Utilizing the best equipment available makes our custom manufacturing service a quick, streamlined, and cost-effective solution for many kinds of customers.


When our fabrication and finishing processes are complete, we move components to the packaging process. For on-time, safe delivery it’s critical that the packaging process considers each part type individually. Many different materials and component specifications require specialized approaches to packing. The volume of an order and the way parts will be integrated into an assembly will also often affect the way die cut components will be packaged.

Our packaging experts have generated unique packing systems for even the most delicate components in a range of industries including medical, electronic, agriculture, aerospace, filtration, energy, and more. To eliminate risk of damage in the delivery process and increase ease of assembly at our client facilities. We work with our customers to provide packaging solutions for each specific application.

ICP has a long track record of on-time-delivery for even the largest volume customers. We also offer services to send the first round of die cut products to customers for on-site inspection and testing. If there are ever issues with the packaging process, we catch those problems at this stage and adjust the packaging techniques or materials to prevent any damages from our facility to the customers’.

With our history working with many packaging methods, we can communicate with clients to make sure the packing systems are meeting their needs when the parts arrive at their location. This includes every package technique able to be incorporated into the packing system that will simplify a client’s assembly process such as part number identification, individual bagging, bulk-in-box, and partial/full skid packing.


ICP provides our comprehensive die cutting to a wide range of industries and customers of all kinds. Our services are unique thanks to our design capabilities, materials knowledge and sourcing, production floor technologies, and packaging solutions. But we’re also unlike other companies in our customer-focused approach to the manufacturing world. We’re big enough to get the job done, but small enough to care.

Our commitment to excellence means we have a continued output of high-quality parts and on-time delivery no matter what volume, materials, or complexity of design clients need. If our eight-year consecutive streak of receiving the Polaris Industries Award of Excellence tells you anything, it’s that our team cares about your project. When you work with ICP for custom die cut products, you can trust us to get the job done quickly, provide high-quality results, save you money, and make your experience with us an enjoyable one.


To learn more about our die cut services, including our assistance with your designs, the materials we work with and our sources, production technologies, and our experience with packaging systems for multiple part types, contact Industrial Custom Products at (612) 781-2255 or Request a quote online to get started with our team today.