CNC Plastics Routing

Our CNC Plastics Routing Services have a proven track record of producing high-quality parts on time. ICP uses state-of-the-art CNC plastic routing equipment, offering the quickest feed rates and programming capabilities while ensuring consistency of the finished product. Click here to view our video on CNC plastics routing!

Tight, Consistent Tolerances

Our advanced technology lets us hold tight production tolerances for both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional parts. That means we route intricate shapes with high repeatability over the entire production run. Rest assured that your parts will exceed your expectations when ICP’s pros get to work.

5-Axis CNC Plastic Routing vs. 3-Axis CNC Plastic Routing – What’s the difference?

3-axis CNC routing works great for flat (or mostly flat) parts. But for three-dimensional parts with varying angles, multiple surfaces, little nooks and crannies, you’ll need the maneuverability and precision of a 5-axis CNC routing machine. With their multiple-axis robotic heads, our 5-axis routers can easily handle those complex plastic parts.

Regardless of which type you need, our expertise in CNC machining will bring you the precise parts you need when you need them.


What kind of parts can we make from a 5-Axis CNC Machine?

  • Trimming and routing vacuum and pressure-formed parts
  • Post-bend trimming of heat or cold-bent parts
  • Trimming injection-molded parts

3-Axis CNC Plastic Routing

3-Axis CNC routers are used primarily to manufacture 2-dimensional parts from flat sheets. Our largest router works on parts as large as 6’ x 12’.

Typical applications for our 3-Axis router include

Cutting prefabrication blanks
Drilling or generating holes
Crowning edges
Routing or drilling cutouts, signage, steps, pockets, and counter-bores


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What kind of parts can we make from a 3-Axis CNC Machine?

We create custom plastic components from sheets. Here are some examples of 3-axis router machining that we do by market segment:

Fitness Industry

Shrouds & panels


Retail display manufacturers

Cut to size sheet
Custom trim
Display holders
Sign holders
Display cases


Store fixture manufacturers

Cut to size sheet
Custom trim
Display holders
Sign holders
Display cases
Commercial printers
  • Cut to size sheet
  • Custom trim
Sign manufacturing companies
  • Cut to size sheet
  • Custom trim


Common Materials Cut with CNC Equipment

Co-extruded materials
Conductive materials
Flame retardant materials
And many others!



Our Equipment

Quintax – 5 axis CNC
  • Single head with 8 tool change capacity
2 – Thermwood 5-Axis CNCs
  • Twin table with 6 tool change capacity
Thermwood 3-Axis CNC
  • Single head and table with dual vacuum zones
Holzma – CNC cutting saw


CNC Routing vs. Die Cutting vs. Dieless Cutting…with so many processes, how do I choose?

Sure, it’s great living after the industrial revolution, but how are you supposed to decide on a manufacturing process with so many options?

Let us help you decide! ICP offers a wide array of processes, and we can customize a solution to meet your goals. Call or email us to connect with our manufacturing experts, discuss your project, and determine which process works best for you.


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