Dieless Knife Cutting

What’s your time worth? Feeling the crunch of bringing your product to market? Connect with Industrial Custom Products today and feel that weight lift off your back with flash cutting.


Coupled with our experts, our dieless knife cutting (also called flash cutting) will crush your speed-to-market objectives. Think fast when you think flash cutting. Flash cutting gets you the part you need now so you can bring it to market tomorrow.

Why Choose Dieless Knife Cutting?

Basically, choose dieless knife cutting and you’ll do less waiting and more prototyping.

Computers and robotics drive our two flash cutting tables, each of which can cut parts as large as 60” x 120”. Our robots—sometimes so fast and efficient it’s uncanny—maximize the utilization of whatever material they’re cutting so less goes to waste. And starting production is easy: our operator can load CAD programs and patterns to the flash cutting table and begin immediate production, right then and there.

What about tooling? Forget it when you decide on flash cutting. No tooling is required, so don’t worry about the traditional time and cost of tooling. (Some traditions are worth dropping!)

Choose dieless knife cutting and you’ll get fast prototyping, fast parts and products turnaround, and a fast breach into whatever market you’re targeting. Think fast when you think flash cutting.

Rapid Part Prototyping

Flash cutting allows our prototyping process to be extremely quick and meet your speed-to-market objective.

Here’s how Industrial Custom Products does it:

  1. We download your part design.
  2. We produce a prototype or sample for immediate testing.
  3. The prototype is tested. If necessary, we adjust and produce another.
  4. You review our work and give approval.
  5. We begin the production run.

ICP Quality and Reliability Saves You Money

ICP understands the imperative nature of speed-to-market objectives. You need a reliable partner to get it done fast, get it done right. We have the skills to do so and the history to back it up.

Let's Start Something great

  • Reduce the time to bring a new product to market
  • Decrease the cost of new product development
  • Reduce your costs by decreasing the time required for quality inspections (with our history of award-winning quality)
  • Reduce the parts inventory you hold for final production runs (with our history of on-time delivery)

Beyond that, you also get a production team possessed with a need for efficiency. We’ll never stop looking for ways to improve the process and reduce your costs. That’s what we do.

ICP is ISO 9001:2015 registered. ICP can perform PPAP, CPK, First Article Inspections, and Gauge R&R Studies. That means you get what you want, when you want it.

Sound good? See for yourself:

Markets Served for OEM and Custom Dieless Knife Cutting

We’ve helped myriad customers produce OEM and custom parts from flexible materials. Listed below are the markets we’ve served:

Lawn & Garden
Heavy Truck
Retail Merchandising
Consumer Products
Commercial Equipment

Don’t see your market above? No problem. Contact us and speak with our experts. If you need flexible materials cut, we have the people and the equipment to get it done. We’re Industrial Custom Products. We customize solutions every day.

Materials Capability of the Dieless Knife Cutting System

Our CNC dieless knife cutting system enables us to manufacture OEM and custom parts quickly, accurately, and efficiently from a wide variety of flexible materials, including:

Foams (open and close cell)
Rubber and its byproducts
Cloth and Fabric
Filtration Materials
Fiber Gasket Material
And many others

Our dieless knife cutting tables cut flexible materials up to almost 5” in thickness and leave a clean edge on manufactured parts.

Dieless Knife Cutting Products and Applications

Our dieless knife cutting capabilities represent the newest technology in industrial cutting and further enhance ICP’s ability to manufacture and fabricate OEM and custom parts from flexible materials. Below are only some of the products we’ve manufactured:

All types of non-metallic gaskets, including engine gaskets and housing gaskets
Touch screens
Point-of-purchase displays and signage
Skid plates
Heat dissipative products
Heat foils
Dampeners (noise and vibration)
Protective packaging
Filtration products
Protective covers
Traction-enhanced products

ICP Product Development Services

Bring ICP experts to your side as you design your product and manufacturing process. Experienced ICP professionals collaborate with designers and engineers to help you meet your speed-to-market objective:

3D/2D concept upload
Design and engineering support
Materials options and selection
Manufacturing process selection
Rapid part prototyping and samples


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