ICP Product Development Services

Launch your new product and nail your speed-to-market objectives with ICP’s Product Development Services. We support designers and engineers throughout the product development process from design feedback to manufacturing. Working with ICP, you’ll get expert minds and keen eyes on your product from day one.

We turn your vision into a reality!

Incredible effort is invested into a marketable product. Many different teams, processes, technologies, and materials must click together to make the product work well and get to market profitably. Call on ICP to help you get it done right.

What ICP Product Development Services Can Do for You

Design and Engineering Support

Our professionals can provide expert support and feedback for the design and engineering of your product. As award-winning custom manufacturers, our teams have a deep understanding of how designs on a screen translate to the real-world demands of manufacturing and the market.

Materials Options and Selection

Select the right materials for your product with help from our materials experts. Through years of real-world experience, we know the unique properties of many materials and how these materials interact over the life of a product. Don’t miss out on the long-view perspective that our materials experts can give you!

ICP Manufacturability Feedback and Selection

Boost the efficiency of your manufacturing process with feedback from ICP’s manufacturing professionals. Whether you need a current manufacturing process revised or a new process entirely, count on ICP to help you manufacture parts efficiently. Leave as little on the table as possible: grab onto every gram of material and second of time with ICP’s award-winning manufacturing pros!

Rapid Prototyping and Samples

Move quickly from design to production with our rapid prototyping capabilities. We move fast. Get us your design, and your product will be in your hand and ready for testing as soon as possible. If adjustments are necessary, you’ll get a revised prototype just as fast. Then you’re ready to manufacture and hit the market. Shorten your design process without compromising quality, and work with ICP Product Development Services.

Prototype Tooling

The market waits for no one. If you’ve got a job that just can’t wait for regular tooling time frames, contact us about various tooling options to help you reach your timeline.

ICP Product Development Process

Move seamlessly from design to full production with ICP Product Development Services. Here’s the broad view of how our product development process works for you:

  • Designer 3D/2D CAD design is downloaded to ICP
  • Materials options are discussed, and materials are selected
  • Manufacturing process options are discussed, and a cost-efficient process is selected
  • ICP produces prototype or sample for testing
  • Customer tests prototype
  • Adjustments, revisions, and production of another prototype, if necessary
  • Customer approval of prototype
  • Part production run begins
  • ICP Value Added Manufacturing Services, if any
  • Delivery to customer

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ICP is ISO 9001:2015 RegisteredICP can perform PPAP, CPK, and First Article Inspections. That means you get what you want, when you want it.

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