COVID-19 Response

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us as the COVID-19 Pandemic has been impacting the entire world. ICP has been following the CDC guidelines in order to ensure our employees are safe and healthy while we continue producing parts for our valued customers. You can rest assured that ICP remains open and committed to continuing our high level of customer service to each and every one of our customers.

Face Shields

ICP has been manufacturing face shield components to meet the surging demand from the spread of COVID-19. Using PETG plastic, we’re diecutting clear shields to be used in PPE on the frontlines of this pandemic. Our Minneapolis facility also has the capability to die cut foam for face shield components and provide assembly services for a more complete product.

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Foam Pads

Are you in need of foam pads for your face shields?  ICP has the ability to laminate adhesive onto foam and die cut it in order to get the added support and protection necessary to ensure the user is comfortable and protected.

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Elastic Bands/Headbands

From elastic to EPDM, ICP will help you to ensure you pick the right material for your project.  We understand that shortened lead times are important so reach out to us today and let us help you find a solution that meets your expectations.

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Plastic Barriers

In addition to the production of face shields to meet COVID-19 demands, ICP also has the ability to fabricate plastic shields to work as a preventative measure against COVID-19.   Using acrylic, PETG, or polycarbonate plastic, we are able to cut sheet material using our 3-Axis CNC technology.  These shields are designed to work as barriers between the customer and staff member for retail locations, grocery stores, and many other businesses.

Grocery store workers, retail employees, manufacturing employees and other professions are exposing themselves every day to COVID-19, and this is another preventative measure to help slow the spread.  As a plastic manufacturer, we are doing everything we can to help in this time of need.  As an essential business in the pandemic response, ICP will continue its work, contributing to the efforts we all need to undertake together to face COVID-19.

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