Large Part Thermoforming

Got some big plastic in your new design? Industrial Custom Products can handle it. ICP uses state-of-the-art thermoforming and vacuum forming technologies to produce OEM and large custom parts. We can form parts up to 8’ by 10’, up to 40” deep, and up to .437” thick.

We’ve been thermoforming large, custom plastic parts since 1975. Plastic roofs, canopies, dunnage/returnable trays, tubs, trailers, lids, ice fishing sleds, headliners, covers: we’ve done that and more. Markets served include agricultural equipment, off-road vehicles, recreational vehicles, power sports, emergency vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, and construction equipment.

When you need a large plastic part that’s durable, that’s precise, that’s economical—that gets the job done rain, snow, or shine—count on Industrial Custom Products. Click here to view our video on thermoforming!


Why Choose Thermoforming to Manufacture Large Plastic Parts?

The number one reason: cost effectiveness over injection molding. You’ll pay less and wait less for tooling. You’ll wait less for production. That means your final production costs are lower, and your speed to market is quicker. And thermoforming leaves your part with a clean, professional look. Choose large part thermoforming if you’re someone who likes saving time, money, and stress. If not, we can lend you a heat gun, hammer, and some scissors (nice, heavy duty ones).

Send us your design or drawing over email, and we’ll talk about how to save you time and money with our large part thermoforming capabilities.

Why Choose ICP for Large Part Thermoforming?
ICP is an award-winning custom manufacturer, so you don’t have to take our word for it when we say we’re one of the best in the business. Large part dimensions mean errors are amplified, so quality and precision in production are paramount. You can rely on ICP’s quality, reliability, and efficiency. Check out our awards and read more about ICP quality.

In addition to just thermoforming the part, ICP offers a wide range of product development services to help you guide your product from design to manufacture and market. From prototyping to production you can bring the most efficient, high-quality part to market with ICP’s professional teams and capable technologies.

ICP is ISO 9001:2015 registered. ICP can perform PPAP, CPK, First Article Inspections, and Gauge R&R Studies. This means your order is produced accurately and on-time, every time.


Breakdown of ICP Large Part Thermoforming Capabilities


ICP’s innovative Materials Center offers leading edge materials options for thermoformed parts and vacuum formed components, including selecting color, strength, thickness and finish. When selecting materials, choose from:

conductive materials
co-extruded materials
flame retardant materials


Ask one of our Materials Experts about materials options for your design.


Examples of Large Thermoformed Plastic Parts

Since 1975, we have been successfully producing OEM and custom thermoformed parts cost efficiently, including the following products and applications:

Plastic roofs
UTV roofs
Dunnage trays or returnable trays
Ground effects
Cab interiors
RV components
Heavy duty equipment covers



As a vacuum forming company, ICP houses the latest manufacturing technologies to produce large plastic parts:

  • A MAAC three station rotary thermoforming machine with the capability to form parts up to eight feet by ten feet in size with forty inches of depth and .437 inches thick
  • 51” by 109” Double End Shuttle Former


High Quality Tooling

ICP offers a broad range of tooling options to meet your need and budget.


Trimming for Large Plastic Parts on Site

We have a variety of options for trimming large plastic parts on site including CNC Plastics Routing, Die Cutting, Dieless Knife Cutting, and hand trimming. Drilling, finishing, and assembly are also offered.


ICP Value Added Manufacturing Services


Just In-Time Delivery Scheduling





Hot stamping

Application of PSA to materials

Special packaging

Sonic welding

Label placement

Problem Part Free Evaluation




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