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Industrial Custom Products has decades of experience in a variety of industries using many different materials, processes, and technologies. ICP has been steadily growing its capabilities and markets served. We started with gaskets in the 1950s, and we’ve been growing ever since. Here’s a list of markets served so far:

Lawn & Garden
Heavy Truck
Retail Merchandising
Consumer Products
Commercial Equipment


Don’t see your market above? No problem. It’s a bullet list, and it’s got to end at some point. ICP doesn’t. We have the capability and adaptability to manufacture parts for myriad industries. We’re Industrial Custom Products. Learning, adapting, manufacturing—that’s what we do. If it’s plastic or flexible, we’ll optimize it, manufacture it, and get it to market. We’re an industrial manufacturing company you can rely on.

See for yourself how ICP tackles our clients’ challenges and succeeds where other industrial manufacturing companies have fallen short. When you connect with our engineers and manufacturing specialists, you get real-world, results-oriented professionals who can square the circle. Don’t sleep on the possibility of working with award-winning professionals.

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