How Steel Rule Dies Are Made to Order for Your Project Designs

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Among the many types of tooling options, die cutting is a fast and inexpensive one that can precisely cut large quantities of uniform materials. But deciding whether die cutting is the right option for your project’s needs requires a bit of know-how and research. If you’re not sure which tooling method best supports your project, read the following to learn about the process of creating perfectly customized steel rule dies.

The Concept

Steel rule die cutting is utilized in order to quickly and accurately make uniform cuts that are shaped exactly to your project specifications. They are often likened to “cookie cutters” due to their shape as well as their basic creation process. For softer materials such as foam, plastic, rubber, and more, steel rule dies may be the perfect solution to your cutting quandaries.

The Process

Steel rule die manufacturing begins with a flat base of wood or metal that will act as the foundation board for the die cutting process. The desired design shape is then laser cut into this foundation to prepare for insertion of the cutting rule. These precise cuts or “kerf” prepare the foundation for the positioning of the steel blade.

Next, by utilizing sturdy and malleable steel, we precisely bend and shape the metal of the die into whatever form is needed. The shape and design that the steel can take varies extremely. Depending on how the steel is shaped, the resulting cuts can be intricate, twisting, and looping, or simple and sturdy.

Regardless of your chosen design, the steel is then expertly manipulated until it is able to make stable, uniform cuts. Once the form is finalized, the steel rule is then slotted into the aforementioned positioning points in the base and hammered into place. This process creates a sturdy and stable product that does not bend out of place during the cutting process.

Following the completion of the die’s basic form, we then attach rubber to the original base to ensure that materials are safely removed from the blade following the cutting process. This ejection rubber keeps your final cut products from tearing, fraying, or sticking to the blade.

The Results

The steel rule die cutting process is a low-cost and high-output method of uniform cutting that can be adapted to a wide variety of design needs. If you’re in need of a cutting implement that can precisely manipulate soft materials, custom steel rule die cutting has the flexibility you need.

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