Transition from Concept to Production with Rapid Plastic Prototypes

Friday, May 29, 2020

In a fast-moving world and an even faster moving industry, plastics manufacturers and designers constantly struggle to balance speed and quality. Effective product launches require ample testing, but also sustained relevancy. If you miss that narrow window where your product will appear on the market ahead of competitors, then you have missed all of the benefits that a strong launch can lend to your brand. At Industrial Custom Products (ICP), we offer rapid prototyping so you can test your plastic prototypes quickly and get them out into the world before that sliver of opportunity slips away.

Creating a plastic prototype is an essential step to the production process as it allows stress tests, quality management, concept trials, and more. Designers, engineers, and development teams can use these plastic prototypes to ensure that their visions are being effectively realized. Instead of going live with a product that doesn’t stand up to your original expectations, with plastic prototypes, you can reassure yourself and your clients that the final product will be up to snuff.

ICP offers rapid prototyping of all your plastic concepts and projects. By quickly providing plastic prototypes, you can test your product and move on toward final production faster and with confidence. Plus, rapid prototyping saves you and your team money in the long run. Rather than expending vital resources on an underperforming launch, you can get out your final product faster and start seeing returns on your ideas as soon as possible.

At ICP, we expertly balance speed and quality. Our tooling options can get product samples in your hands quickly and with incredible accuracy. Our process is fast, but also carefully tailored to what your project needs. Whether your plastic prototypes involve large parts, small components, or completed designs, our team can handle everything your project entails.

If your product needs speedy testing or you’re faced with a quickly approaching release deadline, ICP is here to help. Contact us today for all of your plastic prototyping needs. Clients in need of rapid prototyping can call at (612) 781-2255 or request a quote today. You will receive a prompt response.