Partners in the Supply Chain: What You Should Look for in a Plastics Manufacturing Partner

Thursday, June 25, 2020

There is no shortage of thermoforming companies to choose from in the age of the Internet, and depending on your familiarity with plastics manufacturing, trying to sift through endless ads and information can be overwhelming. Understanding the hallmarks of a high-quality manufacturer requires familiarity with some basic terms as well as a general understanding of your core philosophies and specific company priorities. With this at the forefront of your thinking, Industrial Custom Products recommends you consider the following essential traits when you’re deciding which company to partner with for your next design:


  • ISO certification – Looking for an ISO certification is a great shortcut when you’re hunting for a manufacturing partner that you can trust. At a single glance, an ISO seal of approval tells you that, at minimum, a company is certified in providing three essential traits: commitment to quality production, credibility of consistent brand, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.


  • On-time delivery – Plastics manufacturing is a fast-moving and ever-changing production climate that means having to complete projects and fulfill orders quickly and on time. Partnering with thermoforming companies that prioritize your schedule is essential.


  • Efficiency – When dealing with plastics, efficiency encompasses a lot of ideas: effective material usage, speed, low reject rates, cost reductions, and beyond. Ultimately, however, efficiency means not wasting time nor money on a product that is insufficient for your needs. Efficient thermoforming companies consider all aspects of the manufacturing process to keep projects moving fast while maintaining consistent quality.


  • Environmental and social awareness: Partnering with a thermoforming company or any plastics manufacturer means partnering with an image and an ideology. Selecting a partner that represents your best interests as well as the interests of everyone it employs is a great way to feel good about which company you chose as a partner.


Finding a thermoforming company that exhibits any of the preceding traits is worth looking into, but finding a company that represents all of them is often a challenge. If you are looking to partner with an organization that will exceed your expectations, contact Industrial Custom Products today at (612) 781-2255 or request a quote online today.