What Is Die Cutting? Understanding the Power of Custom Die Cutting for Your Production Needs

Friday, January 29, 2021

What is die cutting? Depending on whom you ask, you may get slightly different answers, but the basics stay the same. At Industrial Custom Products, we’ve mastered the basics and improved on a classic. If you’re in need of custom die cutting services—or find yourself asking “What is die cutting?”—we are here to help!

Die cutting is one of the most basic and foundational forms of cutting that has persisted since the mid-1800s. Originally, it began as a method of cutting utilized in the middle of the Industrial Revolution, specifically for the production of leather shoes. Since then, however, it has been refined and updated into a modern cutting powerhouse. It’s done by utilizing “dies” that are shaped metal tools used to cut materials. The technique is often likened to cookie cutting, but it is specialized for producing cuts of dense and unique materials like plastics, rubber, foam, and more.

At Industrial Custom Products, die cutting is tied closely to our roots; we began as a die cutting company in 1955, specializing in gaskets, seals, and adhesives. Though we’ve grown significantly, we are still in touch with our founding service. Our history has allowed us to perfect and streamline the process to ensure high-quality results for every customer. Our wide variety of available materials, tools, and experience means that you can know what to expect and you can always expect the best.

From a strong history and foundation, we’ve developed the process into a science. Our experts offer advanced custom work, step-by-step design help, manufacturability assessment and planning, and value-added services that guarantee a final product that encompasses all of your needs.

Our professionals at Industrial Custom Products are reliable, innovative, and waiting for your call. Whatever your project may look like, we will develop a custom solution that meets your needs and your budget. Contact us at (612) 781-2255 for more information on our production services, or request a quote online and learn how you can get started with your die cutting project today.