Why Selecting the Right Industrial Adhesives Is Critical in the Performance of End Products

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Adhesives for plastics pull a lot of weight in the plastics production arena, literally and figuratively. When it comes to engineering complex parts or tools, ensuring that the essential components stay where they’re supposed to be is a difficult factor to dismiss. At Industrial Custom Products, we work with engineers, designers, and production managers to create a production plan that supports your product needs and includes everything from color schemes to selecting the best industrial adhesives for the job.


The performance of adhesives for plastics is essential when you’re aiming for an end product that meets customers’ needs and exceeds their expectations. If you choose an adhesive for plastics that doesn’t accommodate the surface energy or chemical makeup of your product, you may find yourself struggling with unexpected product failures. But forgoing adhesives entirely leaves you with inadequate or outdated options such as clamps, screws, or other physical bonders. Instead of wrestling with insufficient material adherence options, the secret is to select the right industrial adhesive for your needs.


The types of adhesives range widely from epoxies and acrylics to polyurethanes and silicones and beyond. Each industrial adhesive comes with a range of materials that it bonds well with and a list of its physical characteristics. The type of adhesive that suits your project depends on the type of materials in question, the goals you have for that product, and the physical characteristics that you’d like the final end product to possess, including weight and aesthetics. Selecting an inefficient adhesive or an industrial adhesive that doesn’t match your materials can result in a lack of effectiveness or fading effectiveness over time.


In order to mitigate these risks, the plastic experts at Industrial Custom Products help you navigate the complexities of material selection and guide you through a careful matching process for your industrial adhesives. We can help you choose the best adhesive for plastics or other materials that your product needs. In order to facilitate the best lasting results, our experts take everything into consideration from the product itself to the conditions in which it will be constructed.


If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities inherent in industrial adhesives for your product design, Industrial Custom Products is here to lend a hand. For questions and consultations, reach out to us today by calling (612) 781-2255 or by visiting us here at our website for additional details.